Edward PErez Trio

"Apollo's Lyre" by Edward Perez at the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain

"Festejo for Sofia" at Jamboree

Performing original jazz compositions by Perez, the Edward Perez Trio has given electrifying performances in clubs throughout New York, and has toured internationally, performing in the Lima International Jazz Festival, Budapest Jazz Club, and in venues throughout Spain including Jamboree, Jimmy Glass, and The Guggenheim. 

Terraza Big band

The first ever house-band for a jazz club in Queens, the Terraza Big band features an all-star lineup of some of the finest musicians on the New York scene. The group is co-led by Perez and saxophonist Michael Thomas, and the repertoire centers on compositions by both co-leaders. The Terraza Big Band can be heard at Terraza 7 on the first Thursday of every month and the group is available for performances elsewhere.

The Terraza Big Band plays "Pull Up a Chair" by Edward Perez. This tune is a dedication to percussionist Arturo Stable. Filmed June 2nd, 2016 at Terraza 7 Live Music in Queens, New York.

Festejation: Peruvian Sounds of New York

Festejation presents a fresh take on the most popular Afro-Peruvian classics, combining New York chic with Lima swing. The band's energetic, danceable sets are fueled by a three-man percussion section and the infectious energy of lead singer Christelle Durandy.

Edward Perez and the Latin JAzz Fix

The Latin Jazz Fix is a quintet which includes percussion and saxophone. The group plays both original latin jazz as well as a number of classics ranging from danzón to rumba.